Word Magic Dictionary & Tools Point & Click

Word Magic Dictionary & Tools Point & Click 6.3

It includes an entire collection of synonyms,verbs,expressions and first names
6.3 (See all)

Very similar in size to the full-fledged Dictionary & Tools Professional, it has nevertheless reduced functionality: it has no Double Thesaurus for mirrored synonyms, and it has no search function nor does it indicate if an adjective goes with ser or estar. It is not compatible with the Add-Ons Pack, but it packs all the goodness of the flagship dictionary’s database size, plus all the functionalities you may need at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. It has a ‘click & replace’ function you can use to instantly place a search result within your text …it doesn’t get any easier than this!

It includes :
- Approximate number of Uninflected (direct) Dictionary Entries → 900,000
- Approximate number of Synonyms in both languages → 3 Million
- Conjugates Verbs up to the imperative
- Double Conjugator: Displays verb conjugations simultaneously in same window
- Reverse Conjugator: Reverse-conjugates in all tenses, persons and number, plus inflections
- Collection of 250,000 idioms, slang, adverbial phrases and local words
- Spanish Characters Table available from Toolbar under “View”
- Replaces words in text at a click preserving conjugation tense, mood, number and person and/or inflection
- Pronounces Source entries (only)
- Collection of almost 20,000 first names in each language, with corresponding gender

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